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Le Marché Restaurant – Awards

An experiential restaurant in Karlovy Vary

Le Marché Restaurant can boast several awards. Whether awarded based on reviews by clients or experts in the field of gastronomy or by influencers, they are always a great reward for us and motivate us to continue in our work.

TOP 10 of Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurant

Maurer’s Selection presents the 100 best restaurants of the Czech Republic. This list is created annually based on the grades awarded by evaluators hailing from both the general and expert public. Several categories are evaluated at once: food, service, and setting. In the overall rankings of competing restaurants of the highest repute, we placed in 8th-9th place. In 2020, we placed in 2nd-3rd place in the category of food. We ranked in the TOP 10 as one of the only three restaurants located outside of Prague alongside Entreé in Olomouc and Chateau Mcely.

3x TOP Restaurant

The TOP Restaurant of the Czech Republic list is also created each year by EURO magazine’s independent guide to gastronomy. Aside from restaurants in Prague, it also always includes a list of the best restaurants located outside of Prague. Le Marché was featured in this selection three times as the only non-Prague business (2016, 2017, and 2018).

Lukáš Hejlík’s Gastromap

Le Marché Restaurant ranks among the favourite Karlovy Vary premises of the actor and gourmet Lukáš Hejlík, who has also included it on his “gastromap”. If you have yet to hear of this project, then know that Lukáš Hejlík’s Gastromap is something like the Czech version of the famous Michelin Guide. Both seek out and present various restaurants in which you will enjoy a truly delicious meal. Our restaurant also claimed its spot in Lukáš’ book selection, 365 TOP podniků (365 Top Restaurants).


Le Marché Karlovy Vary Restaurant was awarded the BEST FOIE GRAS Prize in Karlovy Vary by Restaurant Guru. We received this prize based on the reviews of our guests, whom we thank very much.

Reviews by Influencers

Modern travel no longer includes just an itinerary full of monuments. Experiences, including gastronomical ones, have claimed their unwavering position on them.

  1. A pair of travellers from the USA known under the name of LuxuryVacationGuide on Facebook, Instagram, and the web gave us good reviews. They chose Le Marché as one of their destinations on their holiday in the Czech Republic, and according to their article, it was an unparalleled culinary feast for them.
  2. The “Luxury Columnist” – British travellers and bloggers with almost 200,000 followers on Instagram – also took a trip to Karlovy Vary. It was no accident that they choose our experiential restaurant Le Marché and described it as one of the best places to eat in Karlovy Vary.

If you want to savour the great cuisine of Chef Honza Krajč with your own taste buds, come and enjoy an experiential lunch, dinner, or one of the degustation menus.

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