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We announce with great happiness to all afficionados of experiential gastronomy that our restaurant, Le Marché, under the direction of Head Chef Honza Krajč, was named as one of the TOP 10 restaurants of the prestigious independent guide to gastronomy, Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurant 2020.

Maurer’s selection presents the 100 best restaurants in the Czech Republic. The rankings are made once a year based on the ratings of assessors hailing from both the general and the expert public. Several categories are rated: food, service, and atmosphere. In the overall rankings, we finished in 8th-9th place, placing amongst the most esteemed restaurant names. In the food category, we ranked in 2nd-3rd place. We ranked in the TOP 10 as one of only three enterprises located outside of Prague, the others being Olomouc’s Entrée and Chateau Mcely.

Our enormous gratitude belongs not only to our entire team and to the guests that took part of the ratings, but also to all of you for your faithful patronage. We look forward to seeing you soon at Restaurant Le Marché!